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issue 1:
Is there no quite place left, where we can breath and listen to the leaves on a tree as they in spring? There is a day, at time and place for us to live and where we can die. The hero in all of us, keeps us on an honest path, makes life true, gives us strength, and as noble beings.
Sap _ of _ life This _ sacred _ earth Lone _ idle _ spirit
 Shamanism refers to a form of spirituality which is based on the belief that the physical environment possess a spirit force, and that we as mortals can access for the betterment of humanity. This belief is believed to be mainly prevalent within the native cultures of counters such as Siberia, Mongolia and North America. Shaman act as between both the physical and spirit world, with a shaman often being regard as a high priest like figure. Shaman are believed to be imported and able transcend worlds of the physical and the spiritual, enabling them to mediate between both worlds on behalf of humanity. Dating back as far as the Stone age, Shamanism is considered to be one of the first identified human spiritual practice. Animism ‘life, soul’ is the basis for all shamanistic belief, the spiritual forces that surround us and that account for all aspects of our daily lives. That are present in every element of nature; rock, water, plant, fire, earth just the start. Each element has a soul, this obviously includes all living things too.
 Shaman are the physical link between them all, mediators between the living and in animate. Holding the role and position of healer, spiritual controller, they believe that are able to drive out malevolent spirits and work with the benevolent spirits for the greater good of all. As a healer they are a key figure within the community, able to detect evil and use the spirits if necessary to punish wrong doers. Holder of the tribes sacred rites they preside and assist with birth deaths and marriages. Healer and as priest, they act as guides to the after life, as it is understood that they are able to leave the host of their own body. To be a shaman you are either born as one or become if elected, as an apprentice by the tribes elders. SHAMAN

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